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28-Dec-2017 11:18

Throughout, she says, Major Woodham was sitting alongside her.

"He tried to speak," she says, "but he was told to shut up." At first it seemed that Rabia's skills as a lawyer were about to pay off.

Cynics may feel Rabia is embellishing her story for her own ends.

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And despite never being trained in close combat, when she was put to the test in Iraq, the 36-year-old proved to be remarkably courageous.

On Monday, Rabia, who lectured Prince William on sexual equality during his Sandhurst officer training course, settled a race and sex discrimination case against the Ministry of Defence just minutes before her case was due to be heard at Central London employment tribunal.

In the end, it was unthinkable that the Mo D would allow her highly embarrassing story to come out in such a public fashion. Meanwhile, Rabia has resigned her commission in disgust at the way the Army has treated her.

"It was about making sure my role that day in Iraq was acknowledged and people were held to account for the way I was treated after."She is swift to emphasise that she has no axe to grind with Major Woodham. And yet her recollection of the terrifying events of that day suggests that at the very least, the part she played has never properly been recognised.

"I have nothing against the fact that he received the Military Cross. Born to an Indian father and Australian mother, Rabia, a British citizen, studied law before qualifying as a barrister and solicitor in 1996.

At first Major Woodham, an army liaison officer with contacts at Al Jameat, was sent in with a team of four other officers to negotiate the captives' release. I could see armed Iraqi officers on the roof of the police station.

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