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For technical or editorial enquiries, please contact the Webmaster at [email protected] Jason Todd: Batman #357 (March 1983) as Robin: Batman #366 (December 1983) as Red Hood: Batman #635 (February 2005) as Red Robin: Countdown to Final Crisis #14 (January 2008) as Wingman: Batman Incorporated (vol.2) #1 (July 2012) and became the second character to assume the role of Batman's vigilante partner, Robin.Though initially popular, the character as written by Jim Starlin was not well received by fans following a revamping of his origin by Max Allan Collins (Batman #408-409).a well-designed project; the project is well designed) well-being well-to-do well water (noun) well-wisher west(ern) (a geographical direction or an area within a country) West(ern) (a major region, e.g.

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Jason Todd was killed off by a margin of 72 votes (5,343 for, 5,271 against).Non-English names of organizations, firms, ministries and the like are not italicized. Compound adjectives in which the first word ends in –ly are not hyphenated (e.g. above-mentioned abridgement acknowledgement addenda ad hoc ad infinitum ad litem adviser aeroplane aesthetic aforementioned Afrodescendant (noun) Afrodescendent (adj.) after: compound forms are closed except: after-effect after-image age-appropriate (adj.) ageing ageism age-selective (adj.) age-specific (adj.) agribusiness agrifood agriscience agritourism agroecological agroecosystem agroforestry agro-industry agropastoral agroterrorism aides-memoires AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) airbag air conditioner, air conditioning (noun) air-conditioned, air-conditioning (adj.) aircraft (singular and plural) aircrew airdrop airfare airfield airfreight airlift air raid airspace air strike air traffic control AK-47 allot, allotted, allotment Al-Qaida aluminium among (not “amongst”) anaemia anaesthetic analogue (but analog in computer technology) analyse antenatal antennae (insects) antennas (aerials) anti-abortion anti-aircraft antifertility anti-inflammatory antimalarial antimicrobial anti-money-laundering (adj.) antinatalism, antinatalist anti-poverty apartheid a posteriori appal, appalled, appalling appendices a priori armoury artefact Assistant Secretary-General (plural: Assistant Secretaries-General) *asylum seeker attaché attorney general audiobook *audiovisual auditor general avant-garde awareness-raising (noun and adj.) ayatollah Baath party, Baathist baby boom (noun) baby-boom (adj.) back-calculation procedure backstop (verb and noun) back up (verb) backup (noun and adj.) backward (adj.) backwards (adv.) balance of payments (noun) balance-of-payments (adj.) balance sheet bandwidth baseline base-year (adj.) bednet Bedouin (singular and plural) beforehand behaviour benefited, benefiting bi: compound forms are closed : biannual (twice a year) biennial (every second year) **bienniums bimonthly (every two months) biweekly (every two weeks) biased bio: compound forms are closed biocoenosis birth control birth rate bis bitcoin Black Berry blacklist (verb and noun) blood-brain barrier bond market bookkeeping bottleneck brain drain break away (verb) breakaway (noun and adj.) break down (verb) breakdown (noun) breakthrough break up (verb)break-up (noun) breastfeed bride price bride wealth Brigadier General broad band, broad banding (verb and noun, in ICSC documents) broad-banded, broad-banding (adj., in ICSC documents) broadband (telecommunications) build up (verb) build-up (noun) bureaux burka burned (not “burnt”) businessperson buy-back (noun) buy-in (noun) by-catch by-law by-product bystander calibre cancelled, cancelling canvas (cloth) canvass (to solicit) capacity-building (noun and adj.) capital (city, money) Capitol (building) caregiver care provider caretaker Car Log carry over (verb) carry-over (noun) carte blanche case-by-case (adj.) case-fatality rate case law caseload case study catalogue catalyse cathode ray tube CD-ROM ceasefire (noun and adj.) cellmate cell phone cellular phone centre, centred, centring centrepiece chador Chair-designate changeover (noun) channelled, channelling charge-back chargé d'affaires (singular invariable; plural: chargés d’affaires) chat room checklist checkpoint check-up (noun) chef de cabinet (plural: chefs de cabinet) cheque (bank) chequebook childbearing childbirth childcare child-rearing child-sensitive (adj.) child spacing chlorofluorocarbons classroom clearing house closed-end (adj.) co-chair coequal coexist cofactor cogeneration cohort-component projections cold war co-locate colloquiums colour combatant combated, combating common law (noun) common-law (adj.) communiqué compel, compelled compendiums confidence-building (noun and adj.) connection consensus **consortiums contingent-owned equipment contraceptive-calendar method cookstove cooperate, cooperation coordinate, coordination co-payment copy-edit copy editor cornerstone corrigenda cost accounting cost-effective cost-efficient cost-of-living index cost recovery (noun) cost-recovery (adj.) councillor counsel (verb and noun, singular and plural) counselling, counsellor counteract *counterargument counter-attack counterbalance countercharge counterclaim counterclockwise counterculture countercyclical counterdemonstration counter-espionage counter-example counter-guarantee counter-insurgency counter-intelligence counter-intuitive countermeasure counter-narcotics counteroffensive counterpoint counterproductive counterproliferation counterproposal counter-revolution **counter-terrorism countertrade counter-urbanization countryside countrywide coup d'état (plural: coups d'état) couple-years co-worker creditworthiness cropland cross-country cross-cutting cross-reference (verb) cross reference (noun) cross section cross-sectoral cross-tabulation crowdsourced, crowdsourcing crypto: compound forms are closed curriculum vitae (plural: curricula vitae) cut back (verb) cutback (noun) cut off (verb) cut-off (noun and adj.) cyber: compound forms are closed deciens decision maker decision-making (noun and adj.) de-emphasize de facto defence (but United States Department of Defense, Israel Defense Forces) de jure delink *delist demagogy démarche demining demographic-economic model dependant (noun) dependent (adj.) depositary (person or entity with which a treaty is deposited) depository (warehouse) derestricted desiccate desktop détente diarrhoea dieback (noun) digitize diktat *Director General (plural: Directors General) (but Director-General of the United Nations Offices at Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi) disc (but disk in computer technology) discreet (prudent) discrete (separate) dispatch donor dependence donor-dependent (adj.) donor-funded (adj.) dot-com dot-org doubling time down payment downstream downward (adj.