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In the early 80s, several US hardcore bands wrote queer-themed songs, and Gary Floyd of The Dicks along with Randy Turner of Big Boys were notable in both being out and outspoken gay men. Jones and Bruce La Bruce, is widely acknowledged as being the zine which launched the movement. D.s is seen by many to be the catalyst that pushed the queercore scene into existence", writes Amy Spencer in DIY: The Rise Of Lo-Fi Culture.

In England, in the anarcho-punk scene, Andy Martin of The Apostles was equally forthright. Emerging out of the anarchist scene, at first the editors of J.

The zine BIMBOX published statements such as "BIMBOX hereby renounces it's [sic] past use of the term lesbian and/or gay in a positive manner.

This is a civil war against the ultimate evil, and consequently we must identify us and them in no uncertain terms, a task which will prove to be half the battle".

Along with Outpunk, independent record labels such as Alternative Tentacles, K Records, Kill Rock Stars, Lookout!

Records, Yoyo Recordings and Candy Ass Records also supported and released material by queercore artists but in the mid to late 1990s several other small labels, alongside Outpunk, sprung up solely devoted to queercore.

Queeruption, which takes place in a different city each year, has been hosted by Berlin, Rome, New York and London in the past.

In 20, a group of queercore bands toured throughout the U.

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Queer groups active in the UK included Edinburgh Queer Mutiny, Queers Without Borders, Queer Mutiny North, Cardiff Queer Mutiny and Queer Mutiny Brighton.Among the better-known bands from the early 1990s are Fifth Column, God Is My Co-Pilot, Pansy Division, Pedro, Muriel and Esther (PME), Sister George, Team Dresch, Tribe 8, and Mukilteo Fairies. As well, as Amy Spencer notes in DIY: The Rise of Lo-Fi Culture, "Through Homocore events, they aimed to create a space for men and women to be together, as opposed to the sense of gender segregation which was the norm in mainstream gay culture – They attacked the idea that due to your sexuality you should be offered only one choice of social scene..." In 1992 Matt Wobensmith's zine Outpunk also became a record label, and began to release its own queercore compilations, singles, and albums, and was crucial to the development of queercore.As these bands gained popularity and awareness of the movement grew, zines began appearing from around the world; The Burning Times from Australia, and P. The first recordings by Tribe 8 and Pansy Division were released by the label.The first queer zine gathering occurred at this time; "Spew", held in Chicago in 1991, offered an opportunity for all those involved in the scene to meet.

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Although organizer Steve La Freniere was stabbed outside the venue at the end of the night, he quickly recovered and the event was deemed a success. These Spew events also included musical performances by queercore bands. In Chicago, Mark Freitas and Joanna Brown organized a monthly "Homocore" night that featured queercore bands performing live, offering a stable venue for the scene to proliferate; most of the bands mentioned played at Homocore Chicago.Politically motivated US bands such as MDC and 7 Seconds also introduced anti-homophobia messages into their songs at this time, while the Nip Drivers included a song titled "Quentin", dedicated to Quentin Crisp, in their repertoire. D.s had chosen the appellation "homocore" to describe the movement but replaced the word homo with queer to better reflect the diversity of those involved, as well as to disassociate themselves completely from the confines of gay and lesbian orthodoxy.

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