Perl updating variables in forks deploying and updating workstation ecls

01-Nov-2017 01:10

perl updating variables in forks-56

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A module could possibly be rewritten to utilize the new features in threaded Perl to increase performance in a threaded environment.If you're using a module that's not thread-safe for some reason, you can protect yourself by using it from one, and only one thread at all. The core the threads manpage module provides the basic functions you need to write threaded programs.The user-level interface to ithreads (the the threads manpage classes) appeared in the 5.8.0 release, and as of this time is considered stable although it should be treated with caution as with all new features. For many non-trivial threaded programs you'll need to choose different models for different pieces of your program.A thread is a flow of control through a program with a single execution point. The boss/worker model usually has one ``boss'' thread and one or more ``worker'' threads.It closely mirrors classical parallel processing and vector processors, where a large array of processors do the exact same thing to many pieces of data.This model is particularly useful if the system running the program will distribute multiple threads across different processors.

However it is important to remember that Perl threads cannot magically do things unless your operating systems threads allows it.Not all modules that you might use are thread-safe, and you should always assume a module is unsafe unless the documentation says otherwise.