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Clinical and field placements will also be suspended in the event of a labour dispute.Courses offered through Continuing Education, Distance Education and Ontario Learn will continue, but apprenticeship training will be suspended.He later recanted part of his testimony regarding abuse on a trip to Toronto claiming Perry & Helen Dunlop forced him to say that or that it was suggested he say that. Marcel Lalonde ______________________________ 05 December 2017: BLOG Verdict in Cornwall tomorrow 03 December 2017: BLOG Three court dates this week 20 November 2017: BLOG I will be writing that book 17 November 2017: BLOG Wrapped up today 16 November 2017: BLOG That Crown has become a defence lawyer 12 December 2016: BLOG Saint Boniface priest under investigation 03 July 2016: Marcel Lalonde sex-offences trial postponed 12 January 2009: BLOG None so blind 09 December 2008: BLOG Back in La La Land The bewitching hour 17 November 2008: BLOG A proud moment 09 October 2008: BLOG Does anyone recall?

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The campuses will remain open with most services operating as usual, so students will still be able to access Blackboard, computer labs, study spaces and use meeting rooms.For reasons unknown, a three day trial set for June 2016 never got off the ground.